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MessagePosté: 11 Déc 2015, 16:52
de mjdestiny
Comme chaque fin d'année voici la toute nouvelle compilation digitale de la firme Motown , comprenant 28 inédits ou alternates , pas de Supremes ni de Marvin mais tout de même 4 titres de Stevie Wonder entre autres :

1.Dance Yeah Dance — Stevie Wonder
2.While The City Sleeps — Spinners
3.Til 12 O'Clock — Stevie Wonder
4.Goodbye Eilene — Shorty Long
5.My Precious Dreams — Brenda Holloway
6.Stuck-Up — Oma Heard
7.Just Your Love — Four Tops
8.What Have I Done To Myself — Brenda Holloway
9.Didn't I — The Hit Pack
10.Can't Break The Habit (Alternate Version) — Martha Reeves and The Vandellas
11.Funny (How Time Slips Away) — Stevie Wonder
12.About My Baby — Stevie Wonder
13.Stepping Closer To Your Heart — The Monitors
14.Lucky Lucky Me — Ivy Jo Hunter
15.Try A Little Tenderness — Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
16.I Cried For You — Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
17.I Like Everything About You (Alternate Vocal Version) — Four Tops
18.It — Little Lisa
19.My Daddy Knows Best — Little Lisa
20.It's Got To Be Love — Monitors
21.Going To A Go-Go (Alternate Version) — Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
22.For Once In My Life — Connie Haines
23.Baby You Know You Ain't Right (Alternate Slow Version) — Jr. Walker & The All Stars
24.Yesterday — Chris Clark
25.Determination — Ivy Jo Hunter
26.I Got Heaven Right Here On Earth (Alternate Version) — The Temptations
27.I Don't Want You Anymore — Chris Clark
28.Can't Figure It Out — Lewis Sisters ... 1_5&sr=8-5



MessagePosté: 11 Déc 2015, 20:55
de Foulecamp
Elle est sympa, je me la prends.


MessagePosté: 17 Déc 2015, 15:46
de mjdestiny
Plus d"infos sur les titres: