Bodyguard Says Michael Jackson’s Son Blanket Is His

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Bodyguard Says Michael Jackson’s Son Blanket Is His

Messagede StephenB » 28 Sep 2010, 11:03

In yet another shocking, though not altogether unexpected, twist a former bodyguard of Michael Jackson has stepped forward to claim that there is a high chance the late singer’s younger son, Blanket, is actually his child.

Since Michael’s death in June 2005, at least a handful of former bodyguards and associates came forward with various claims, most of which were proved wrong the instant they were made.

For instance, a former business associate said a couple of months ago that Paris was actually his daughter, and not Michael’s – and that he had an agreement with the singer regarding her.

The story of martial arts expert Matt Fiddes is no different, as IOL News can confirm. He says that, back in 2007, the late King of Pop offered him money to father a baby for him.

Fiddes claims he turned down the money (because he and Michael were friends) but agreed to help him out. Nine months later, Prince Michael II, also known as Blanket, was born.

The former bodyguard says he doesn’t want to put out there the theory that he is Blanket’s father – but he’s adamant to have people know that he could be it.

“Michael never told me himself that Blanket is my son but […] the child is the spitting image of me. He told me he wanted an athletic child and that is what he has got,” Fiddes says.

“I don’t want Blanket thinking I am telling everyone he is definitely my son because I’m not sure,” he adds.

According to the former bodyguard, he refused to take Michael’s money back in 2007 because he had his own fortune. He’s not out to get money now either, he says.

For the time being, Fiddes is just happy with telling his story, he claims. Should something happen to Katherine Jackson, though, he will step in to claim custody of Blanket, if he’s entitled to it.

“I don’t want anything from the estate or their money. Katherine Jackson has already denied me the right to see Blanket, but if she were to die I would be straight over there,” he says.

“Fiddes tried to pretend that he was a close friend of my son Michael, but when I spoke to Michael about him, he could not remember who he was. The whole family was deeply upset by the interviews he gave shortly after Michael’s death, which no friend would have done,” Katherine said of Fiddes a while back.

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