If The Jackson 5 stayed.

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If The Jackson 5 stayed.

Messagede cbright » 30 Nov 2009, 22:39

If The Jackson 5 would have stayed with Motown instead of moving to Epic, I think Motown Records would be a huge company today. Jermaine's career would've been much bigger,the rest of the brothers would have released their own records, and Michael's career...how do you get bigger than "Off The Wall" and "Thriller"? I think Michael's would have done more behind-the-scenes producing and even movies and television. Who knows?, maybe Gordy Berry would have turned Motown Records over to Jermaine and/or Michael.
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Re: If The Jackson 5 stayed.

Messagede Foulecamp » 01 Déc 2009, 09:12

I don't know. About movies, see Diana Ross or Marvin Gaye's movie(s). It was just a joke. Michael and his brothers needed freedom, to develop their own musical style. It was very hard for Marvin or Stevie to get their independance. I'm not sure J5 could have it in Motown. Not sure at all.

Of course, we celebrate the 50th anniverary of motown, but this company doesn't exist anymore today. The motown sound doesn't exist anymore. Yes, it's true, Stevie keep on releasing his work on this label and there is few talented artists, but the "Motown family" is over since Gordy sold Motown.

Maybe for Jermaine, it could be a good thing, but that's all. Tito and co didn't have a huge solo career, but they build the "Jacksons sound ".
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